Friday, 21 September 2012

How to install transmission bitTorrent Client in rhel 6.3 / centos 6.3

To download the Package click here

[root@station1 Downloads]# tar -xzvf transmission.tar.gz
[root@station1 Downloads]# cd transmission
[root@station1 transmission]# rpm -ivh *

Thats it see the app in Applications -> Internet -> Transmission BitTorrent Client


  1. Thnaks good


    Do u know how to install VLC player for mkv/mpeg4 format? help me to insytall on centos6.3

    1. step 1. yum install

      step 2. yum install vlc

      step 3. To enable Root access to VLC player

      vi /usr/bin/vlc
      search for all geteuid and replace it with getppid
      (use /geteuid to search)

      Save file & Exit.

      Have fun. :-)

    2. Hi LinuxTouch

      Thanks for your comment.

      VLC doesn't have a good performance while playing MKV files in low end systems, Where as mplayer does it fine with good audio effect.

  2. Hi Narayana

    VLC is not a good player, it plays everything in a compressed format. Use mplayer in my experience that is the best player which supports all video formats. Take a look at my mplayer installation post.

  3. Ok, How come I do not see a startup script to start the web interface?

  4. hi Ranjith Bhai ,

    i want to configur postfix for download all mail>> Gmail to my mail server , and store all mail in mailserver and distibute on client ms outlook