Saturday, 12 January 2013

How to hide your IP address in rhel 6.X / Centos 6.X

How to hide your IP address in rhel 6.X / Centos 6.X

Tor doesn't work as root user so login as a user and extract the tar file and keep it in any directory say /home/ranjith/Downloads

[ranjith@vellore Downloads]$ cd tor-browser_en-US/
[ranjith@vellore tor-browser_en-US]$ ls
App Data Docs Lib start-tor-browser tmp

[ranjith@vellore tor-browser_en-US]$ ./start-tor-browser

Launching Tor Browser Bundle for Linux in /home/ranjith/Downloads/tor-browser_en-US
Qt: Session management error: None of the authentication protocols specified are supported

If your network uses proxy and password click settings > Network and enter your proxy details stop tor and start tor. Now you can connect to internet safely by masking your IP address. Enjoy browsing.


  1. Ranjit.. ur blogs r superb. Can u upload how to config postfix clustering using rhel6.3

  2. Awesome blog mr. a big fan of u and recently i certified RHEL6....

  3. Mr Thiru,
    Thank you so much for your support.

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